There’s nothing wrong with being cis, white, and/or male
There’s nothing wrong with NOT being cis, white, and/or male
It’s that simple
Can we stop now

remember!!! its totally okay to be accepted by everyone in society and never have to worry about not having basic human rights!!!! dont let any little trans kid tell you its not okay to not have to worry about your safety ever!!

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spot on.

did you know some men don’t have penises thodid you also know some women doalso did you know that “having a penis” is not what makes anybody a mandid you know those things
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I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

and if you’ve had depression since early childhood you don’t even know if you have your own personality

you didn’t have time to be a person before depression

and it’s scary having no idea who you are

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Also I don’t see enough white feminists giving credit to Nicki Minaj beyond the interview of her doing her eyeliner.  Did you guys forget that she recognized and IDed as cisgender, and recognized that vagina does not equal womanhood, when she called herself a “woman with vagina.”  And that asshole talk show host laughed and said “as opposed to a women without one?” and she gave him a the meanest look and said “yes.” 

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djwordspinna said: So one of my acquaintances accidentally touched one of the cards in a rather "moody" deck of mine, and now I feel like the deck is mad at me. Or at least pouty. Do you have any ideas how to cleanse or soothe the card/whole deck?


If it’s really bad, wipe the cards down with a soft cloth and then smudge with white sage.

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what i am not:

  • a girl
  • a boy

what i am:

  • unholy spawn of darkness and fear
  • dreaded by all who encounter me
  • kinda hungry
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trans character written by a cis person


Argh…. I was born in the wrong body…. Everyday I scream because I am Trans…. I must transition…. Argh…..

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U KNOW THE WORDS //  throwback (sort of) anthems u can’t live without

01. a thousand miles - vanessa carlton // 02. mr. brightside - the killers // 03. walking on sunshine - katrina and the waves // 04. year 3000 - busted // 05. piano man - billy joel // 06. the sweet escape - gwen stefani ft. akon // 07. thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy // 08. twist and shout - the beatles // 09. fergalicious - fergie // 10. welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance // 11. hot ‘n cold - katy perry // 12. the boys are back in town - thin lizzy // 13. teenage dirtbag - wheatus // 14. torn - natalie imbruglia // 15. nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco // 16. rockstar - miley cyrus // 17. you belong with me - taylor swift // 18. good riddance (time of your life) - green day // 19. every breath you take - the police // 20. no scrubs - TLC // 21. move along - all american rejects // 22. you are the music in me - high school musical OST // 23. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne // 24. beautiful - christina aguilera // 25. wouldn’t it be nice - the beac boys // 26. irreplaceable - beyonce // 27. what makes you beautiful - one direction // 28. bye bye bye - n sync // 29. sweet caroline - neil diamond // 30. in too deep - sum 41 // 31. so yesterday - hilary duff // 32. all about you - mcfly // 33. dancing queen - abba // 34. all the small things - blink-182 // 35. don’t speak - no doubt // 36. lovebug - jonas brothers // 37. build me up buttercup - the foundations // 38. toxic - britney spears // 39. i want it that way - backstreet boys // 40. bohemian rhapsody - queen // LISTEN HERE
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